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Nutrition for your Nether Regions.
Revactin safely delivers optimal intimate health for men through a simple, twice daily formula.

your best health from head to groin 

It's no secret that a big part of intimacy is being comfortable with your partner and with yourself.  After the age of 30, nature begins to challenge our vitality. Our hair begins to gray, our muscles begin to lose tone and we have to work harder and harder to keep fit.

Your "nether regions" are not immune to aging either. This is where Revactin comes in. It helps the body produce the antioxidants your body needs to fight natural aging down there. It also contains ingredients to increase your energy.

Think of it as a super-supplement--helping cells rid the body of harmful free radicals, boosting critical antioxidant properties and delivering an injection of energy to offer you the optimal comfort for any intimate moment.

As you age you need to take care of yourself. Take the first step in feeling like our customers feel. Take care, even down there. Take Revactin.


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Basically, intimate health is the ability to achieve sexual function. Less basically, it refers to the relaxation of a type of cell that allows for an erection. REVACTIN nurtures and maintains those cells so you are always at your peak of intimate health.

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A patented, physician-formulated daily supplement that’s got 4 natural ingredients and amino acids and is designed to increase and maintain your energy and blood flow all the time, so you're ready whenever intimacy feels right.
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Doctors created Revactin as a key, daily, effective, long-term supplement for men 

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While we are sure about how well Revactin increases your energy in the bedroom and blood flow where it counts, it's what our clients and independent medical experts have to say that really tells the story.

"I'm 51, and I've been taking Revactin as directed for two and a half months now. I noticed a difference within the first 6 weeks, but I really feel like my old self again. I don't fear my body betraying me when I need performance any more. All I can say is that for me, this product works!"

 - Alan S., Verified Buyer

what clients are saying

“Just as women go through menopause, men go through andropause. It’s just a natural part of getting older, which is why I highly recommend Revactin. It is designed specifically to support men during the natural aging process. “

 - Dr. Sandra Gelbard (internist)

What doctors are saying
*Results not typical.
Preclinical research suggests that Revactin is safe and promotes the health of the smooth muscle cells responsible for erectile health.

Is it safe?

We pride ourselves on the purity and safety of our ingredients. Revactin is manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturer maintains a rigorous supplier qualification program, consistent with industry best practices and compliant with current FDA requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

“All men have age-related changes. It’s just a natural part of getting older which is why I highly recommend Revactin to all my patients. It is designed to help protect against the natural aging process and help men feel supported and healthy. It’s a no brainer.”
-Dr. Maja Zaric

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Our team of urologists and researchers has spent four decades researching this.

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If you’re not satisfied with your results after 45 days, we’ll refund the purchase price.

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4 ingredients, 1 proprietary combination, 2 pills, 2 times a day.