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5 Secrets to a Healthy Holiday Season

We’ve almost made it! If we can just get through the holiday season, this crazy year will be in the rearview mirror. It doesn’t matter if 2020 brought you a little extra around your midsection or the best shape of your life; let’s finish strong!

The “most wonderful time of the year” should come with a warning sign. You are about to unwrap a gift packed with anxiety, eat plates full of discomfort, and raise a glass to a hangover. As they say on The Price Is Right, “All this can be yours!” 

Instead of all the holiday baggage, wouldn’t you rather celebrate the occasion with comfort and joy? Follow these 5 secrets for a healthy holiday season and live your best life all year round.

Managing stress

Have you ever noticed more headaches this time of year? Headaches not just from a few too many egg nogs but due to the stress of the season?

While this year may not be full of parties and fighting for gifts at the mall, the lack of normalcy could be causing higher levels of anxiety. It sounds a little crazy, but not being able to shop surrounded by thousands of people might be worse for your psyche than the usual holiday madness.

Whether it’s finding the right gift, dealing with family, spending too much money, or simply feeling overwhelmed by it all, this season is rife with stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, eliminating these feelings isn’t realistic but managing your level of stress is possible.

Just breathe

An immediate solution to your anxiety is to take a minute to concentrate on your breathing in any stressful situation. If you have time for a short meditation, that’s great, but all you need is four to five intentional breaths. Give it a try right now.

  1. Close your eyes and inhale deeply while slowly counting to four
  2. Hold it for a two count
  3. Exhale slowly for a count of eight
  4. Repeat at least four times or until you feel relaxed

What you just did was hit the reset button on your nervous system. Use this exercise any time you feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Move around

Intentional breathing is a quick situational fix, but to manage overall stress in your life, get up and move. Physical activity improves blood flow and produces endorphins that have a direct effect on your brain.

Any moderate exercise has long-term stress-relieving benefits. Regularly taking a brisk walk, playing sports, practicing yoga, or going to the gym has a cumulative effect on mental health.  

Moderate drinking

Celebrations are part of the holiday season, and nobody expects you to turn into a teetotaller. The best approach to keep your festive drinking from getting out of hand is awareness. Rarely does a night of a few too many cocktails come as a surprise.

If you know you’re in a partying mood, make sure you mix in some hydration. Drinking water between glasses of wine or throwing extra ice cubes in your cocktail helps slow down your alcohol intake. 

The real culprit of your hangover the next morning is dehydration. Drinking water throughout your evening helps but chugging something containing electrolytes before bed boosts its effect. A recent study found that taking zinc and nicotinic acid also reduces hangover severity.

Eat better

The holidays are a unique period where “diet be damned” we eat whatever we want. While this practice is harmless over a weekend or special occasion, the holiday season is six weeks long.

Sure, have a few cookies and traditionally unhealthy meals but don’t treat this time as a personal bacchanalia. Like with alcohol, you know when things are going to get ridiculous with food. Have a plan to control your gluttony.

The most challenging part when it comes to food over the holidays is continuous grazing. There’s seemingly a tasty morsel of goodness within reach on every flat surface. This one takes a bit of self-discipline, but a great way to monitor your eating is to use a plate. A plate is a portion size detector. If you’re randomly grabbing snacks and popping them into your mouth, you will overeat.

Get some sleep

The secret to living your best life is getting enough sleep, and the holidays are no exception. Usually, this is a time of go-go-go, but this year should be less hectic. Instead of rushing to get last-minute gifts or attending parties three nights a week, we’re up late shopping online or getting together with friends via Zoom.

The party-hopping and shopping grind us down to the point we know we need rest. The blue light of a computer screen is less obvious. We’re getting less quality sleep now than when we’re active. It’s weird to feel tired when you don’t feel like you’ve done anything.

In either situation, it’s essential to maintain a regular sleeping schedule. The average adult needs at least seven hours of sleep per night. If you’re not getting enough quality sleep, your health will suffer. 

Have a little quality time

By this point, you probably think that none of these secrets sound like much fun. Well, we saved the best for last. We’re talking about quality time with your partner, not watching the festival of lights with family. That kind of time might be nice, but this time is better.

During the chaos of the holiday season, it’s easy to get distracted. We have a lot on our to-do list, but “gettin busy” needs to be somewhere in the priorities. Intimate time with your partner, or yourself, is vital to your emotional and physical health.

Some time between the sheets is proven to result in less stress and more feelings of happiness. It also boosts your immune system and gives you healthier skin, among many other benefits. Quite simply, you’ll look and feel better.

Bonus secret #6

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cheat code for a healthy holiday season? Revactin is a nutraceutical for your nether regions that helps you conquer these other healthy secrets. 

Using Revactin provides the energy and confidence you need for intimate moments, whenever the time. Knowing that you’re always ready, you’ll be less inclined to over-indulge, anticipating your moment to arise. After putting Revactin to the test, you’ll feel less stressed and finally get some sleep.

This holiday, give your cells the gift of intimate health.


Take care, even down there.

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