The Magic Word That Will Transform Your Life

There is an everyday word that wields enormous power in our lives. Often we avoid using it because we’re afraid of what others may think of us. This word is often misunderstood and difficult to speak in many circumstances. It’s a word that’s a key to both discipline and freedom. The word is “NO.”

Psychologically, we negatively associate with the word “No,” but maybe we’re thinking about it the wrong way. “No” is power. It’s decisive. It affirms your priorities. “No” says, “I’m taking responsibility for my actions and projecting it to the world.”


It’s likely one of the first words you learned as an infant and possibly the first one you verbalized. Children love the word no. Here comes the airplane with a spoonful of mashed peas. “No!” It’s time for bed. “No!” Come here and give smelly Aunt Agnes a kiss. “No!”

So what happened to our affinity for this magical word? We learned to consider other people’s feelings. Adults hit us with a guilt trip, and most of us have yet to recover. “Aww, you’re going to make Aunt Agnes feel bad. You don’t want Aunt Agnes to cry, do you?”

Your parents took your power and used it against you. The word “No” became associated with harming other people. Now, every time we say, “No,” a tinge of guilt hits us straight in the feels.


Our reluctance to use our power of No against other people has slowly infected our abilities to self-govern. You’ll find the most self-disciplined people are also the most likely to say “No” outwardly.

People who have trouble saying “No” to others are usually the ones who say “Yes” to themselves too. Can I have one more drink? Should I get fast food for lunch? Is it okay to skip my workout today? Yes, yes, and yes!

The reality of the word “No” is that it’s challenging to use. It’s easy to say, “Yes.” “Yes” is social and congenial. “No” is drawing a line in the sand. Living your best life means saying “No” frequently and saying “Yes” occasionally.

Take Charge

You’re probably familiar with a parent or boss who says “No” to almost everything. It’s their go-to response. How does the probability of their answer affect your requests? You probably don’t ask for anything frivolous and limit your suggestions to the most essential of needs. You may frame the options as a win-win scenario to achieve the best results.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone treated their requests of you like you’re the boss? One doesn’t become the boss by being a “Yes” man.

When you agree to almost anything, people will ask you for everything. You create a sense of entitlement to those around you. How many times have you agreed to a request from a friend or family member that you would never dream of asking of them? Protect yourself with a simple “No.”

How to Say “No”

Of course, you can’t say “No” to everything, or you’ll end up a lonely curmudgeon living in a house full of cats. Figuring out when to say “Yes” and how to say “No” are keys to living your best life.

Saying “No”

There’s a right way and a wrong way to say “No.” Most of us do it the wrong way.

Our biggest mistake is by not actually saying “No.” Instead of saying the word, we imply it and give a long-winded reason why we can’t do something. The second mistake is the use of “can’t” instead of “won’t.” “Can’t” means not now but maybe later.

Why do we feel the need to explain ourselves? Explaining soothes our guilt and sense of obligation by excusing our unwillingness to participate. Providing an explanation also kicks the can down the road towards a future invitation for which we’ll need to concoct another excuse.

The best response is a succinct and decisive, “No, thank you.” 

Getting to Yes

There is  a simple barrier one should employ when making a decision. There is no such thing as a singular “Yes.” If you can’t respond with a “Hell, yes!” then the answer should be “No.”

A singular “Yes” says, “Okay, sure, I guess that’ll be fine.” These are the words of the indecisive and weak-willed. If that’s your answer, you’re about to commit to something you don’t want to do.

“Hell, yes!” says, “I’m in. Let’s do it. I can’t wait to get started!”

Consider how different a life full of “Hell, yes” or “No” is compared to its weasley counterpart.

“Hell, yes!”

Every element of living your best life starts with a lot of “No” and leads to “Hell, yes!”

“Hell, yes” means a stronger, healthier, and more vital life. “Hell, yes” is filling your bucket list. It’s doing instead of dreaming. “Hell, yes” is power and responsibility as opposed to timidness and indecision.

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Take care, even down there.

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