How COVID affects you down there

How COVID-19 Affects You “Down There”

Just when you thought this pandemic couldn’t get any worse, we find out that COVID-19 survivors are experiencing sexual health repercussions. So, not only are we getting crushed socially and financially, but our greatest asset is under attack.

According to the conclusion of one study, there is quite enough reason to suspect that sexual and reproductive health could be affected in the survivors of COVID-19, both in the short and long terms. The research outlines three factors contributing to a possible onset of erectile dysfunction (ED) – vascular, psychological, and overall physical health.

If you’re someone who thinks, “I’m healthy. This virus only kills old, sick people, so I have nothing to worry about,” think again! This virus can have lasting effects only discovered long after a vaccine comes to our rescue. We now know that COVID-19 fights dirty and hits below the belt.

Go with the flow

When you experience difficulty in your nether regions, it’s often a sign of other health complications. Doctors consider the early signs of ED as a predictor of heart disease. The vascular system is the major player in your heart and sexual health. For these areas to function properly, it’s all about blood flow.

It’s not a case of COVID-19 directly affecting your performance in the bedroom. Coronavirus attacks your pulmonary system, which lessens heart function, slowing down the vascular system. The virus also causes hyper inflammation, possibly affecting every organ and tissue in your body.

Many of the risk factors involved with COVID-19 happen to be the same for cardiovascular disease and sexual dysfunction. Smoking, diabetes, and high blood pressure indicate worse outcomes in both survival and long-term effects of the virus.

Getting in your head 

The pandemic is getting in our heads whether we contract the virus or not. Alarming increases in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety are appearing in the general population. COVID-19 survivors suffer even more significant psychological consequences than their healthy counterparts.

Spending “quality time” with your partner is closely associated with mental health. After months of isolation, social distancing, and financial stress, our intimate desires decline. The danger of transmitting the virus to a loved one through kissing and physical contact is another cause of emotional distress between partners.

Stress and anxiety affect your brain’s signaling to your nether regions that you’re ready to respond physically. Anybody with experience in the lack of signaling department knows that thinking about it is less of a remedy and more of the problem.

Weakening your body

It should come as no surprise that people in poor health are less physically active. We’re not just talking about going to the gym every day. Unhealthy people have less sex than men and women full of strength and vitality.

The coronavirus invades your body, weakening all your systems and deteriorating your overall health. Many healthy people who appear relatively unaffected by the virus report shortness of breath and fatigue months after contracting the virus.

The final low-blow comes in the form of treatment for the virus and its symptoms. Some of the drugs routinely used to fight COVID-19 are known to cause impaired sexual function.

How taking Revactin can help

Okay, in today’s environment, we must state that Revactin does not claim to treat COVID-19 in any manner. Revactin can help by providing nutritional support, possibly enhancing your body’s physical and emotional reaction to the circumstances created by the virus.

Revactin is a patented, doctor-formulated plant-based supplement taken twice daily. It’s a combination of four ingredients and amino acids that supports the health of your nether regions.

  • L-Citrulline is an amino acid that naturally boosts the nitric oxide levels in your blood. This amino acid is one of the ways Revactin can help increase blood flow. 
  • Muira Puama is a medicinal herb from Brazil that studies show improves libido and keeps you going during your most intimate moments.
  • Paullinia Cupana, known in the U.S. as guarana, is a stimulant that gives you the energy you need to stay in the game.
  • Ginger has potent antioxidant properties that encourage increased blood flow. It’s also shown to have stress and anxiety-relieving benefits.

When it comes to the circumstances of COVID-19, consider how Revactin is a triple-threat supplement: 

  1. Helps with blood flow that may be suppressed by the virus and its treatment.
  2. Provides confidence in knowing that you’re prepared whenever an intimate moment arises, making it a stress reliever in more ways than one.
  3. Promotes your best health from head to groin. 

Just like the virus affects every aspect of our health and well-being, Revactin is more than a quick fix to an occasional difficulty. Taking Revactin is essential nutrition for your intimate fitness and part of a healthy lifestyle.

Staying safe

We are reaching a critical point in the fight against COVID-19. Multiple vaccines are on the way, but it will take time to immunize everyone. In the meantime, we cannot let down our guard and must continue to wear masks and social distance.

A return to normal is just around the corner!

Take care, even down there.

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