The 5 Building Blocks for Improved Self-Confidence

Do you know what it takes to build self-confidence? We’re talking real confidence, not the fake bravado that’s so prevalent in the world today. Everywhere you look these days, somebody is screaming an opinion or touting their brilliance. That’s not confidence. It’s the brashness of self-doubt.

No, what you want is Kung Fu Master self-confidence. Remaining calm, cool, and collected in the face of a challenge is a superpower. Confidence is knowing that you may not always win, but you’re damn sure prepared to give it your best shot.

Confidence is not ego. Ego gets in the way of real self-confidence. Ego is an over-confidence in yet unproven abilities or a false sense of superiority. True self-confidence means that you understand your capabilities and your limitations. A confident person knows when they’re outmatched and lives to fight another day. An egotist eventually gets humbled, slaughtered, or both.

We build self-confidence purposefully and over time. If you don’t understand how you achieved a goal, won a game, or passed a test, do you really know if you can do it again? Use these five building blocks to improve your level of confidence in any area of your life.


A prizefighter would never enter the ring without first having trained for several weeks. They work on conditioning and technique while analyzing their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Their team draws up a game plan and readies contingencies for when they need to adapt on the fly. A fully prepared and confident fighter enters the zone when the bright lights shine.

It’s nearly impossible to be confident without having prepared first. Without preparation, your mind focuses on the simple tasks instead of your next move.

Think back to first learning how to drive a car. It was tough to see down the road while constantly checking your immediate surroundings. Your reaction time was slow due to a lack of confidence in your ability to handle the basic driving functions. 

Preparation builds confidence through repetition. It’s hard not to feel confident in something you’ve done a thousand times.

Showing Up

After you’ve prepared, the next step is actually to show up. When you’re ready, showing up is easy, but the chances are that a time will come where preparation is not possible. There are many things in life that you cannot practice or know how to react to until the moment of action.

In these instances, your confidence derives from previous experiences in other unfamiliar situations. If you keep showing up rather than running away, you’ll gain the confidence to meet any challenge you face.

Finishing the Job

Much of our confidence roots itself in prior accomplishments. The more success you have in anything, the more confident you will be in everything.

To have a sense of accomplishment, you need to finish the job. Confidence says, “I did it!” not “I could’ve done it.” You might think you could’ve completed the Ironman Triathlon, but until you cross the finish line, you’ll never know. Confidence is knowing that you did it before and can do it again.

Finishing the job is also about following through on what you say you will do. Confidence comes from self-respect and pride in your actions.

No Excuses

No self-confident person uses excuses to justify their actions. When you make an excuse, you’re letting yourself off the hook. You’re excusing failure for the preservation of your ego.

Sure, you may have experienced severe leg cramps during the final leg of the Ironman, but that’s the reason you decided to quit. In your mind, did you want to stop and cramps gave you a way out, or did you fight through them and physically could not go any further? One answer is an excuse, and the other is a circumstance.

Self-confidence can survive circumstances, but an excuse is self-doubt.

Doing What Makes You Happy

There’s a sort of dichotomy about doing what makes us happy. Are we good at the things we love, or do we love them because we’re good at them? We rarely love something that we’re absolutely dreadful at doing.

With that logic, doing what makes you happy is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you’re good at something, of course, you’re confident. That is until you go up against somebody better. At that point, you must rely upon your self-confidence building blocks.

What about those parts of your life that you really want to enjoy but just need more confidence? For instance, let’s say in your sex life. How can you have more self-confidence in the bedroom?

Well, practice is the first thing that comes to mind. Like most things, the more practice you get, the better you perform, and your confidence will grow. Who doesn’t love that kind of training!?!?

Needless to say, showing up and finishing the job are no-brainers, but circumstance can be an issue for some of us. Nothing is worse than leg cramps at an inopportune time!

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