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The Super Bowl is More Than a Football Game

If you watched Super Bowl 50, you might remember a commercial featuring babies born nine months after the big game from the champions’ cities. Are Super Bowl babies actually a thing? What else happens off the field during this pseudo-American holiday?

Super Bowl LV (55) is this Sunday at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. For the first time in history, the Buccaneers will play the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs as the host city team. We won’t bore you with the details about the game. By this time, anything you need or want to know gets regurgitated a hundred times daily everywhere you look.

Outside the game, we get reminded every year about how much a thirty-second commercial costs ($5.5 million this year) or how many chicken wings we devour (about 1.35 billion pounds). There’s always a surprise guest for the halftime show that isn’t any sort of revelation by game time. People wager on the coin toss, and the time it takes to sing the national anthem. Blah, blah, blah.

Extracurricular Activity

While all the touchdowns, food, drink, and gambling are great, we’re Revactin, so let’s talk about the post-game celebration. A fan’s passion for the game extends beyond the results on the gridiron.

Pomp and Circumstance

Maybe your partner gets revved up at the sight of Patrick Mahomes, the tight pants, or the cheerleaders shaking their pom-poms. Everybody has their thing, but when combined with the big event’s excitement and possible slight over-indulgence, cue the fireworks. When the confetti flies on the field, the game at home is just beginning. Don’t forget to stretch!

Baby Boom

Getting back to the question of Super Bowl babies, are they real?

The whole idea of post-Super Bowl conception began in November 2016 when the city of Denver reported a spike in the arrival of Bronco’s babies after a long-awaited championship the previous February. Many Bronco fans admitted that their babies were conceived in the afterglow of the epic victory. In fact, many of the children, both boys and girls, came to be named Peyton after the game-winning quarterback.

Unfortunately, the statistics don’t bear the storyline. Interestingly enough, November is a low birth rate month nationally, and the numbers in Denver 2016 were on par with the previous non-championship years.

Stress Relief

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is annually one of the days with the highest heart attack rate?

There’s no doubt that this day is stressful for many people and not just for the fans of the teams playing the game. Hosting a party causes anxiety and overeating taxes your system. If that’s not enough, it’s the biggest gambling day of the year.

What’s the best stress reliever of them all? That’s right—a good old roll in the hay.

Whether you have pregame jitters or are trying to burn off pounds of nachos, a little quality time with your partner should do the trick.

The Game Plan

A team doesn’t get to the Super Bowl, especially win it, without a great game plan. For your big moment, you need a plan too. That’s where Revactin comes in.

Athletes take daily supplements to keep their bodies in peak physical condition. Revactin is the twice-daily super-supplement for you to maintain your peak intimate health.

There’s a reason that Tom Brady is playing in the Super Bowl at forty-three years old. He understands that after the age of thirty, nature begins to challenge our vitality. Like Tom, you can fight natural aging by ridding your body of free-radicals, producing antioxidants, and increasing your energy for long-term intimate health with Revactin.

We’re not saying that Tom Brady takes Revactin, but we know that he promotes supplements as a key to his longevity. While you’re probably not playing in the Super Bowl anytime soon, you will need to be ready for different occasions.

Take Revactin, the nutraceutical for your nether regions, for the games that you play.

If you do end up celebrating victory on Sunday with a bundle of joy, just imagine the story you can tell little Tom, Brady, or Patrick. For an even better tale, go with Gronk!

Next week is Valentine’s Day. Hope you’re taking your Revactin!


Take care, even down there.


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